Thola / Getting Started / Quick Start

Quick Start

Use the identify mode to automatically discover some properties of a network device.

$ thola identify

  thola identify [host] [flags]

Specify the address of the network device in the [host] argument. The --format flag modifies the format of the output. --format pretty is set by default and is useful when reading the output manually. Other options are json and xml.

$ thola identify

  Class: ceraos/ip10
    Vendor: Ceragon
    Model: IP-10
    SerialNumber: 00:0A:25:25:77:67
    OSVersion: 2.9.25-1

Next we want to print the interfaces of the network device and their relevant data. We use the read interfaces command for this.

$ thola read interfaces

Interfaces: [8]
  IfIndex: 1
  IfDescr: Radio Interface #0
  IfType: sonet
  IfMtu: 2430
  IfSpeed: 367000

  IfIndex: 5001
  IfDescr: Ethernet #7
  IfType: ethernetCsmacd
  IfMtu: 1548
  IfSpeed: 10000000
  IfPhysAddress: 00:0A:25:27:57:1E
  IfAdminStatus: up
  IfOperStatus: down