Thola / Caching and Databases

Caching and Databases

Thola is able to cache data for IP addresses. When using the cache the following data is cached:

- Device classes
- Connection data (SNMP, HTTP, ...)

The cached data is saved in a database. The database has to be specified by the user with the help of flags. The user can decide which database to use by indicating it with the --db-drivername flag. The possible values for this flag are:

- built-in (badger database)
- redis
- mysql (supported, but deprecated)

By default (if the flag is not set) caching is activated and the default database used for caching is the built-in badger database. If caching is not wanted the flag --no-cache has to be set, then no database is used to cache the data.

Note: If you have multiple instances of Thola running concurrently, do not use Thola's default built-in caching database, as it's only capable to communicate with one process at a time.