This section is used to set various configuration parameters. These parameters specify how Thola communicates with a device of this class and which requests Thola is able to perform on it. This section is optional and if it is not defined, it is inherited from generic.

Currently, the config section may contain the subsections components and snmp.

The components section contains parameters that indicate if a component is present in this device class and can be read out. It is a simple key value structure which maps a component to a boolean:

Component Type
interfaces boolean
cpu boolean
memory boolean
hardware_health boolean

A list of all components can be found here. If a component is set to false Thola will deny requests for reading out this component. If a component does not have an entry in this list, it is set to false per default.

The snmp section contains information about the snmp connection to a device of this class. The possible parameters for this section are:

Parameters Type
max_repetitions int