The “components” section have a similar structure to the identify section as it also uses property reader to specify the information. There are six components in total that can be used in the “components” section. These components then also have subparameters:

   Component       : Subparameter
1. ups             : battery_voltage, battery_amperage, battery_temperature,
                     current_load, mains_voltage_applied, battery_capacity
2. interfaces      : ifTable, types, count
3. cpu             : load
4. memory          : usage
5. sbc             : agents, realms, global_call_per_second, 
                     global_concurrent_sessions, active_local_contacts,
                     transcoding_capacity, license_capacity,
                     system_redundancy, system_health_score
6. hardware_health : environment_monitor_state, fans, power_supply

Under these subparameters property reader (as described in identify) are used to describe how to read the values