A YAML device class can have the following main keywords:

   keyword     :  description
1. name        :  Identifies a device class
2. config      :  Specifies which components the device class has
3. match       :  Checks to find out if a device belongs to this class
4. identify    :  Specifies how to get the properties of a device of this class
5. components  :  Specifies how to get information about different components

The information in the YAML files is inherited. When there exists a directory that is named exactly like a YAML file in the same path, then all files in that directory will inherit the information from the file.

   ╠═══ ceraos.yaml
   ╠═══ comware.yaml
   ╚═══ smartax.yaml

In this case all files in the directory generic would inherit the information from the generic.yaml device class.